CNN #2: It's not ours, until...

May 09, 2022

Dreams and ideas flow for us all as Creators.

And, they don't belong to us (if they ever really do) until we take Action.

How many times have you seen someone else take something from impossible to possible to reality, only to think...

"I had that idea."

Of course you did.

It dropped in, you chose not to take action and it moved on to someone else who did.

Ego fights to own what was never ours.

It distracts and fragments our energy.

If we feed'll dilute our Purpose and Impact.

As Creators, it's incumbent upon us to own the fact that until we put Action against Dreams, we aren't living on Purpose.

Choose wisely, commit and enjoy.

Where does this land for you?

Where can you take Action, right now?

I'm in this with you, shoulder-to-shoulder,


Kevin M. Kermes

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