CNN #3: A Goal as a Place to Come From

May 09, 2022

I’ve spent the last year-plus in the company of extraordinary humans.

This community is called 4PC and is curated by my friend and coach, Rich Litvin.

To attempt and define or explain this group is a bit like trying to tell you what water tastes like.

To that end, I’m not going there.

4PC stands for Four Percent Club and is designed for the top 4 percent of all coaches and leaders. Simply typing that feels a bit heady, egoistic, and invokes a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome.

It’s an experience that has been central to the exponential growth I’ve experienced in the past year....

And, it’s a place as of this writing, that I’ve decided to leave.

Yet, it will never leave me. As long as I commit to staying connecting to something I’ve heard Rich say more than once:

“Use a goal as a place to come from versus arrive.”

My experience has been that we often believe our arrival at a goal or objective will be the prize. It will be the culmination of our hard work. It will be the validation of our purpose. It will define us.

And, upon arrival, we are left with a feeling of “this is it?”

The flipside to that coin is not achieving the goal. Never arriving at that predetermined place where all our extrinsic and intrinsic satisfaction will be achieved. Nirvana!

Either way, we are met with disappointment.

Enter Rich’s insight.

When we come from our goal. When we BEcome what is required to achieve a goal and objective, we make an exceptionally powerful decision.

In BEing the person who achieves that goal now, we set the conditions for all our DOing to come from that place.

Moreover, the immaculate transformation that we covet upon arrival is something we can begin to experience at this moment. 

To bring this down to earth a little, I want to share the concept of the Success Cycle with you.

The Success Cycle

Credit - Sonja Kirschner

This cycle is as simple as it is powerful.

This cycle builds upon itself like a snowball rolling downhill.

This cycle is happening right now with your consent…

Choose your beliefs wisely.

  1. The amount of belief you have determines the potential you can tap into.
  2. The amount of potential you tap into determines the amount of action you take.
  3. The amount of action you take determines the results you get.
  4. The results you get determine the belief in yourself.
  5. Return to 1.

Who we are is analogous to what we believe.

As a result, everything we DO comes from whom we decide to BE.

THAT is the goal. That is where we come from...not arrive.

The experience of this moment is the reward. It’s the goal. 

Like Eckart Tolle reminds us, the power resides in now.

As always...

I'm in this with you, shoulder-to-shoulder,


Kevin M. Kermes

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